From one of the most exclusive places on the island, next to the sea, stands one of the masterpieces of the architect Antonio García-Ruiz.
The architecture sought a concept always focused on that cozy touch, so characteristic, to turn a house into a true luxury facing the sea.

The technological engineering was carried out by Scena, looking for that characteristic sensation, our technological interior design.
We designed more than 20 audio zones with our Scena Music InTouch technology, supported by Crestron, to provide not only a design and ease of use also a speed of control and a supreme quality.
For outdoor, the exclusive cylinders of Architettura Sonora were in charge of articulating an omnidirectional sound according to our acoustic study. The idea was that no area will be in the acoustic shadow and promote a sound with higher sound pressure in those places where a larger crowd of people could concentrate.
The interiors were mixing invisible Sonance speakers with the classic Bowers & Wilkins to create an individualized whole.

Different Home cinemas are found around the house, with the home theater being the great culmination. A project created jointly between our interior design team and acoustic engineers with clients.
The wooden and absorbent acoustic panels on the ceiling, together with the rest of the design, are integrated into a conceptual spatial design that takes us to a galaxy far away from everyday life. Being able to enjoy without limits with the whole family a magical moment with our favorite movies, or series, is the concept that we always look for our exclusive dedicated cinemas.