This out stunning dedicated cinema project is full of enthusiasm and effort. Every audio and video solution we provide, match perfectly together to offer a brilliant and unique cinematographic experience. Everything is possible thanks to a synchronized high quality speakers system from the 800 and 700 Series by Bowers & Wilkins, and with the Smart designs from Bang & Olufsen, which we are the official suppliers.

This project is composed by a 7.2.4 sound configuration and a 4K laser projection. All those elements create an immersive experience, being able to satisfy all senses and set up an unbelievable experience.

Behind the acoustically transparent screen, we find a central speaker of the 800 Diamond series from Bowers & Wilkins, accompanied by two elegant Beolab 5, which have a powerful subwoofers equipment.

For the surround configuration, important for offering total immersion, our team has opted for the groundbreaking and versatile design of the Beosound Shape, composed of a range of grays and blacks to match the rest of the room decoration. Finally, two Beolab 18 rear speakers complete a laborious surround configuration.

Finally, 4 ceiling speakers of the 700 Diamond series, to offer a surround, realistic and unique sound to maximize the potential of a real cinema environment.

The acoustic study of our rooms is essential, and our team of engineers have conscientiously conditioned the space by placing acoustic panels to make the most of the performance of medium, high and low frequencies.

Our engineers and interior designers have finished this work designing with the greatest possible care the interior design and decoration of the room, taking care of the smallest details, in addition to lighting with a starry sky emulating the constellations of the universe and an LED on the step and perimeter.