Hotel Vicenç de la Mar

Located in one of the most special corners of Mallorca, we find the Hotel Vicenç de la Mar. A luxury hotel located in this idyllic cove in the north of the island.

Among its spectacular and innovative facilities, we find a movie theater that has been developed with great detail.

Its design, which mimics a jungle, was intended to house a large number of people at once. Both seats and speakers had to be carefully placed to cover the entire room, and offer all viewers the same experience.
The seats have the name of renowned actors from Spanish cinema, in addition to being equipped with the latest comforts for the client who enjoys the cinema.

This 7.2.4 system has a 4K projector to delight the clients of this exclusive hotel. Thanks to this Dolby Atmos configuration, we offer a complete cinematic experience in both image and sound.

With this cinema, our Contract division offers a product that enhances the customer experience, and also provides added value to the hotel. This movie theater will be used for special events such as future conferences that the hotel hosts within its doors, allowing it to increase the number of services that its customers can enjoy.