Multiroom System & Cinema Room

Simplicity, harmony, beauty and a magical feeling of extraordinary experiences that captivate your senses.

We welcome you to a space where imagination, creativity and design have come together to create a unique experience, where sound conquers every corner of the house. This is how we define our project, where we have opted for a multidimensional sound and a clear sound performance from the perfect minimalist designs of Bang & Olufsen.

Without further ado, we will undertake a visit to the various rooms of the house where each proposed solution has been studied in detail to offer the best experience and performance according to the space.

First of all we will visit the living room, the perfect place to meet family and friends, where you can enjoy your favourite music and disappear in pure acoustic happiness with a couple of Beolab 50, combining radical audio technology with an elegant aesthetic.

We continue with the kitchen where we find a couple of the most iconic speakers of Bang & Olufsen, the Beolab 18 and its excellent sound performance.

Without a doubt, the Beosound Shape modular speaker will captivate our eyes for its beauty and for the perfect integration with the wall and the rest of the decoration elements.

We continue the tour arriving at a majestic living room with a Beovision Horizon TV and some Beolab 18 speakers where we can escape from the day to day.

In the master bedroom we find a 55 inch Beovision Eclipse, suspended on the wall, a total statement to the design and integrity of the room.

Finally we reach the terrace where we are surprised by a highly imaginative 4.1 speaker system that integrates into the exterior, to the point of merging perfectly with the surrounding elements, of the Italian firm Architettura Sonora.

We crown this project where we could not miss an impressive Dedicated Cinema.

Two Beolab 50 front speakers, mythical of the Bang & Olufsen brand, capable of transmitting up to 2,100 watts of precision power accompanied by a central speaker of the Custom Installation Diamond Series 800 series.

The surround sound is created by four iconic Beolab18 in oak wood, giving the system a totally three-dimensional, enveloping and magical sound. To crown this project we installed two Celestial ceiling speakers from Bang & Olufsen to get the wonderful Dolby Atmos experience.

The image is provided by a 4K high dynamic contrast JVC projector. And an aesthetically integrated curved screen to our room and acoustically transparent.