Bang and Olufsen


Join us on this journey to the power of imagination, creativity and genuine craftmanship.

How do you turn the small spark of an idea into an experience shared by all? For Bang & Olufsen, the process of making a product is a magical transformation, pure alchemy. It is found in the creative energy that surrounds us, waiting to be seen, heard, felt and transformed.

Craftmanship in the service of sound follows a natural line of beauty, both in terms of design and experience. Multi-dimensional sound, with clear and crisp sound performance from perfect design and minimal aesthetics. 

Sound and image with Bang & Olufsen


Bang & Olufsen is another world within audio and video, it’s letting your imagination run wild with a stable, future-proof, solid technology. The best image and the best sound quality always, without any exceptions. There has not been a similar product in the almost 100-year history of the Danish brand, no other brand has ever been able to match Bang & Olufsen. Therefore, for us, being their exclusive distributors for the whole Balearic Islands is an honour, it is the union of a century old brand with a family of tradition, a union that has led us to many successes, to achieve a perfect symbiosis. A unique union.

Espacio Scena, the leading retailer of Bang Olufsen Spain.