Home cinema rooms


Home cinemas are our greatest specialty, unique in our field we have two cinema rooms at our showrooms, we take care of every detail down to the millimetre to adapt to every space, every place, and of course, every customer.

We analyse the room, we study the acoustics, carefully selecting the position of each speaker to ensure that all electronical equipment develop its full potential.
Our design does not end there, as our engineers and interior designers design the space down to the last detail, taking care of everything to ensure that the film and music experience is a spectacular one. Because having a cinema is something to experience with all the senses.
Our electronic and acoustic engineers have the highest certifications in THX, Dolby Atmos and Dirac Live so that the room design meets the highest standards.
Our rooms have won numerous awards, and this pushes us to continue improving and to become the leading company in Europe for the design of cinema rooms. 

Audio and video systems


A multiroom system allows the distribution of audio from your mobile, Smartphone, ipad or Tablet directly to the area you choose, simple, functional and practical.

Music is the soundtrack to life, let yourself be caressed by its presence. Our multiroom systems, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, always have the premise of quality, ease and supervision by our engineers.

Two fundamental aspects make up the basis of our designs, the ease of use that includes being prepared for the future and thus avoiding obsolescence, and the high sound quality, carefully choosing the electronics and speakers that best suit the particular space. A 5 meter high room is not the same as a basement, you have to know how to distinguish between rooms with wooden walls or those which have a lot of glass; all studied in each project which allows us to provide the best environment to each home.

Espacio Scena, experts in creating your home cinema.